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Why hire this writer?

because I have a distinct edge over most other wordsmiths: a 16-year background in advertising and publishing.

With names like Time, Discover, Us Magazine and Newsday under my belt, you know I have a good sense for media and for what selling with words is all about. My career started in advertising sales in 1979, and I remained within the industry through 1995.

Why else should you hire this writer?

because as a freelance copywriter, I've written hundreds of successful marketing pieces - including websites, radio spots and various audio scripts - for a wide variety of clients, both business-to-business and consumer. Plus, I have first-hand experience in marketing and promotion and a good eye for design, as well.

For every project, I make it my business to understand your business. I listen carefully to your objectives, I familiarize myself with your industry, and I do my research.

My goal is to help increase your sales
by providing the words that compel your prospects
to buy your service or product.

Whether you have an immediate need or a future project, please contact me. I will answer your questions, arrange to send samples and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

So, hire this writer!

and discover the benefits
of having a quick, clever,
competent copywriter
on call.

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